IELTS Results

The test result will be made available to candidates 13 days after the written test. Only one certificate is sent to each candidate and will not be reissued under any circumstances.

Candidates, who cannot collect their result from the IDP offices in person, can either request the test centre to send it to their mailing address or authorize someone to collect it on their behalf. Candidates must complete and sign this authorisation form. The authorized person has to show a copy of the candidate’s pink NRIC/Passport together with the original authorisation form.

Test results are available online at the IDP website ( 13 days after the date of the written test.


Within one month of issuance of the official certificate, a maximum of five IELTS Test Report Forms can be sent directly to international or domestic educational institutions to which the candidate is applying to, or organizations and companies where the candidate is employed or Embassies where the candidate’s visa application is being assessed. Within this period, extra certificates are issued free of charge. After this period, the candidate is required to pay SGD$20-30 for each additional certificate. Candidates have to complete this Additional TRF Form and submit a copy of their passport/pink NRIC.

IDP Singapore will send the Test Report Form to local addresses free of charge using Singapore Post. Additional charges apply if a candidate wants to send the Test Report Form using courier service.


Re-Marking the Result

Candidates can request a re-mark of one or all four skills by filling in the Enquiry of Result form (available for download). The request has to be made no later than 6 weeks from the date of the writing test. The remarked outcome will be released within 6 to 8 weeks. The fee for remarking is SGD$230. This fee will be refunded if there is a change in the result. 

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